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Do you need professional advice and help with insurance claims for any of the following?

Storm Damage
Water Leaks
Sewerage Problems
Smoke Damage
Fire Damage
Malicious Damage
Burst Pipes
Lightening Damage
Oil Claims

Loss Assessing During Covid-19

Auray Assessors is strictly adhering to all Government guidelines in relation to Covid-19. We have adapted our work practices so as not to endanger our employees, our clients, or our contacts.

We have adopted remote working and are making efficient use of technological and communication solutions in order to provide the same great service to our clients. The new frameworks we have put in place allow us to continually work towards successful insurance and settlement claims.

Loss and damages will still occur, even though a health pandemic, and we want to reassure our clients that we are fully prepared to handle any and all requests. We are fully capable of providing our expert and professional loss assessor services throughout these unusual times. If you are in need of assistance then please not hesitate to get in touch worth Auray Assessors.

Auray Assessors Covid

Welcome to Auray Assessors

Auray Assessors was established in 1990 and currently has two offices, our head office is in Co. Mayo and our sub office is in Co. Clare. We are a loss assessors company, dedicated to relieving you of the stress and hassle involved when it comes to making a claim. We work with all types of cases, from burst pipes, storm damage to fire and flood damage. Have a look around our site, if you have any questions, feel free to call us on (094) 954 1561.

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property damage

Property Damaged?

Has your house been damaged by Burst Pipes or Water Leaks? Have you had Storm Damage or been affected by high winds? Not sure what to do about Property Subsidence. Have Smoke Damage and Chimney...

property damage

Making a Claim?

We all have house insurance, and we all hope too that we’ll never have to use it. But one day the time may come to make a claim on your insurance. Accurately assessing the damage...

property damage

What do I do Next?

Its happened; you can’t turn back the clock; the damage is done and it’s going to need fixing. But what you do next affects how well everything will be resolved. First, find your insurance documents...

business interruption

Business Interruption Claims

Business interruption insurance claims can be a difficult process. The team here at Auray Assessors are experts in this field and have decades of experience in securing successful settlements for a variety of business disruption claims. Policy interpretation is a key element in these types of claims and our qualified loss assess or will determine the validity of your claim and ensure that you receive the full settlement that you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

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